Suction - Irrigator unit for keyhole surgery.

This mould makes the main body and the 2 threaded end caps. These are released by aid of the leadscrew and internal gear mechanism. Five (5) sliding cores are used to form the main body chambers.

Mould for a receptacle used in hospitals.
The core section which moulds the inside shape was made from the piece cut out of the main block.

Mould for Industrial Epoxy Cartridge
With double wall design for epoxy resin and hardener.
This requires the inner and outer cores to be extracted in sequence by the hydraulic cylinder mounted on top.
A unique ejection system was designed to activate secondary sliding cores and enable part ejection in 1 movement.

Some plastic components that demanded special solutions in tool design to produce required parts.

A tapered Helical Static Mixer
is made from 40 inserts with vertical shut-off faces.
Both halves of the mould have an ejection mechanism to ensure consistent part ejection.
You can also see the positive positional locks on the sides to protect the inserts from damage.

See close-up view on the right.

Two Cavity Mould for Mitsubishi Tailgate Handle

Enlarged view of mixer  - actual length is 120mm

Injection Moulding Tools