RFID Security Access Module

Medical Suction/Irrigation Unit

Cap with 'Bowtie' hinge

Tapered Helical Static Mixer

Dual Tamper-evidence Cap

Inner and Outer case

Water Non-Return Valves

Heater Controller Housing

Electrical Plug Insert Mouldings

Push-Pull Dishwash Cap

Epoxy Syringe

Dish Washer Spray Nozzles

Gears for Teller machine

Security Camera Housing

Masonry Anchors

Dual-Wall Industrial Epoxy Cartridge

Screw on Tap Assembly

Pump Seals

Cabinet Handles

Security Control Panel

Acrylic Photo Holder

Surge protector

Nylon End Caps - Family Tool

Mitsubishi Tailgate Handle - Rear

Mitsubishi Tailgate Handle - Front

with moulded-in Nut insert

Moulded Parts - medical, electronic, closures, industrial...

Blower Assembly with Impeller for Domestic Heater

Fan for Evaporative Air Cooler

Entire run of moulded parts - 100 of main 3 parts and different colours of other components - all moulded in family mould semi-manually to save costs.