Pharmaceutical and packaging tooling, components accurately repaired, replaced or improved? Replace expensive imported parts.

Replacement for broken part
Replacement set for broken part
Cap-Trap for automated capping process
Packaging machine part
Prototype Spigot Cover
Engraved Case for Defence needs
Lock Cut-Away to reveal workings
Packaging machine part
Small run of Medical parts
Replacement set for broken part

We have the machines that help us make just about anything & often it's much easier than you might think. The right tool can make a hard job so much easier! Custom parts made from sketch if necessary.

a broken production line fixed
some precision machining

a repair to a tool or device
•  modifications to improve something you have
anything milled, turned, EDM'ed or surface ground
•  a broken drill or tap removed

we can make or repair precision parts quickly
Stainless Steel Timing Cams
Moulding Machine Adaptor
Custom Turning Tools
Vacuum Tube Adaptors
Laser Spectrometer Housing
Prototype on Left - Moulded Part on Right
Custom Theodolite Mount
Conveyor Roller Guide

Just give us a call to find out what to do next.

Literally...  if you need ONE part, that's OK.
Some of the items on the right were one-offs!

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Our precision work with metal alloys and all kinds of plastic that have particular characteristics and purposes will get you running again soon.

We provide rapid turn-around and innovative solutions to get you going again quickly with parts that fit and work like they should.

If it needs to be machined, welded, engraved, turned...you've found the right place for custom 'one off' precision components... of course we can make a few parts if necessary too.

Most importantly, we can repair or replace precision parts, and quickly! (so long as they're not too big)