The tooling used by pharmaceutical or food companies is extremely exacting to unsure the quality and reliable sealing of the related membranes to achieve longest possible product shelf life and contents integrity.

Notice the 0.5mm vent holes drilled in surface and pockets to enable perfectly formed blisters.

We've been making and repairing packaging tooling and production line components used by many companies for over 20 years.

The tooling provided by European suppliers, while usually excellent quality, tends to be extremely expensive. Our clients are using Computool to replace damaged tooling and to provide new tooling at much quicker lead times and significant cost savings - importantly, without sacrificing quality in any way... often the quality has improved.

Showing the precise and consistent knurl
to ensure blister layers are firmly bonded.

Aluminium Food Tray Sealing Bar with curved edges

There are many additional parts to compliment seal tooling - we make slides, chutes, feeder slides, cover plates, preformers, cartoning and general process line components .  As necessary, with FDA approved base materials or approved specialised coatings as required.

Cap-Trap for automated capping process
Replacement set for broken part
Replacement set for broken part
Packaging machine part
Packaging machine part

Various components made for production filling, packing of tablets, capsules etc. Often made to replace or improve original equipment in small quantities and short time frame.

Formed, sealed, counted and packed with quality Australian made, Computool tooling components.

Stainless Timing Cams

Alloy steel Blister Sealing Plate

Tablet Blister Forming plate

Tablet blister

Pharmaceutical equipment