1 This is a basic flow of options that can lead to full production of a long lifecycle component - or just a few parts needed for a small series run.

Phone, email photo or fax sketch. Then meet to discuss the best process, and approx. costings.

Here, we'll explore your options when making a new product, or just developing an idea. It might be a plastic product, a device or just a concept you're thinking about.

I need dozens to a few hundred parts

Machine from solid  bar, sheet or plate.

Model OK, go to full production

Consider improvements to design, and functional details of component

Parts good, but quantity must greatly increase

Refine costing for mould and components

Mould parts from low price prototype mould

I need several hundred to several thousand

I need a moulded part

I need hundreds of thousands

High quality, full-production mould

I need a prototype or sample of my idea

Machine from solid plastic, aluminium, steel or other material

The prototype needs changes to operate as hoped

Modify or make new prototype to improve design

High quality production 1/2 mould

a Digital 3D model

Finish with paint, polish or texture.

Process Map

Print a 3D model

I need a few parts

Printed Prototype OK, increase to full production